Issues with Zenepal Version 3.1

Hello, Some of the users reported some issues with Version 3.1. We are providing solution to these issues here:

1) The task list is showing 'loading' with no progress.

Solution: It might be possible that the update missed one column of the task_user table. You can manually add a column 'updated_at' at the end of the table with type 'timestamp' & assign the default value to null.

Alternatively you can run below query in your database:


alter table `task_user` add `updated_at` timestamp default NULL after `comment`;


Now you can refresh the task page & check if the issue is resolved or not.

2) The message list is showing 'loading' with no progress.

Solution: This problem is arising if you have older messages of Version 3.0. You need to change two lines of code of app/Http/Controllers/MessageController.php file as below:

Line No 157:

Previous Code


Replace with

($message->MessageCategory) ? $message->MessageCategory->name : '',


Line No 158:

Previous Code


Replace with

($message->MessagePriority) ? $message->MessagePriority->name : '',


Once replaced, try to refresh the page.

If you still face same issues, you can mail us at or raise a ticket for quicker response.

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