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Salary Counting

 Hi this is my 2nd Topic for a Future Request . 

At the salary configuration , there is included , Earning And Deduction 

But what it would be more interesting and  attractive and more powerful 

to put an extra field to count the employeers by hours for example

  • ONE HOUR = 3 Euro


so we put the value by ourself , also the time attendance to be aviavable to export an employeer earning by hours counting from this date to the choosen date . 

Thank You. !

Hello Leonard.

Thank you for your suggestion. We have already implemented this feature in V 3.1. It is scheduled to release by the end of this month with many other features. Cheers!! 

God Bless You ! .

But one more thing please.  

A while admin&Manager exports the employers time attendance 

there must be shown a field too for them more easily to an admin to know how much they have earned this month or another month . or other month . 

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