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Pop up like ads for employeers

What i mean here is not that adding an Adsense Function 

but improving more the system by having an option 

to add an POP UP with time for example

we have an office shift from 9:30 am to 3:00 am , 

so we create a pop up alert for employeers based in that shift

5 minutes before 3:00 to let them know that they have to clock out before leaving the work office . 

based in office shifts just to have an option to add an pop up ad in the time the admin wants for all employers including in their timezones too . 

You may have an question why an Pop Up when the employeer knows when he will clock out ? 

Answer is : Because they have other things to do and its complicated for them because they forget to go on  the website again and clock out . so they have to be reminded .

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