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Idea ?

I would like to share my Idea , maybe it aint a big thing or a good thing but anyway i want to share .

1 . Shift Detail - to be shown in dashboard of employeer for his weekly shift
2. Attendance Export - aviavable to export by depts "ill attach a photo"
3. Office Shift - weekly is included , to include day-based shift 

Hello Leonard,

Can you provide more details on it? We are working on V 3.1 & if we find this useful, then we surely add these features in it. You can send mail at

Yes sure im sorry that i haven't described it clearly .

So first one i was saying for  attendance export i uploaded the photo but its small ill upload there a bigger one . so the export file must be .xlsx  its more comfortable for companies that use time tracker mostly now " Call Centers " use the hrm employer zone . and seperated in departments is more clearly at the photos please check them .


Second one -  We now can create weekly office shifts , and its better because many of clients who use employer zone has different working time  including state timezones ,  but there must be an option too for example if the Administrator wants to change during the day the working time there it must be included another field for only this day office shift. whatever it aint very much important but what is important here another thing 

third thing important one :  It is better if we seperate the users in employer zone by departments for example we have an manager role  and we have 10 other normal users that can be selected as a group and that group can be accessed to be managed by the user that the admin chooses him or her for that group , 

fourth one :  Many of users have different timezones i dont know if it is included i havent check yet already i have purchased but i like more too think about future requests to make the system better , admin must have an option to set the timezone for every user , that admin wants for example this user 1 : timezone europe GMT , user 2 : Timezone USA  , they have different working hours 

fifth one : Shift Detail there is included  in the left menu for the users to know about their weekly shift detail  and there is included in dashboard my office shift for daily 

but its better if you change users calendar with something else 

Calendar below the user its about too see the others holidays , birthdays etc..

but an Agency never wants about their employeers to see that what i have learn till today . 

it is better if you change users calendar with office shift

for example at the calendar to be shown the employeer weekly office shift 


sixth : Menu ? the menu going forward many redirects its very complicated for beginners

employeers can be more than 45+ years old that they work for a company and they have never used with these systems because these are new to their life what i see most in some countries only people from 12+ to 30 years old can understand it fast and its simple for them because their brain works clearly and they catch the things faster , so there must be an option for the menu to seperate them in configuration , for example menu 1 and menu 2 , menu 1 is the default menu that is included now , menu 2 is the menu up like a header and  when an admin choses menu 2 type , the admin to have an option to choose what he want to show up in header menu like a mega menu or something like that .

i dont know if you had understood all these things but i can explain better in skype i would share screen and tell you better about it . but anyway please send me new features that  you will include in v3.1 at the email so i can see if there is anything i can share with you . if it may be interesting .

1 . Shift Detail - to be shown in dashboard of employeer for his weekly shift

This one is about the calendar at the user&employeers dashboard

companies does not want for an employeer to know about the others birthdays or holidays what excactly they need for that calendar to be changed with something more comfortable , for example the weekly office shift for that employer at the calendar field .

2. Attendance Export - aviavable to export by depts "ill attach a photo"

for this i have attached 2 .docx files that will be more clearly and if they would be in xlsx its the best way for a company that uses employer zone . 

3. Office Shift - weekly is included , to include day-based shift 

about this we have an option to create office shifts weekly , monthly etc.

but it is better if you include example today's office shift for everybody or selected employeers or departments .

4.TIMEZONE - every user should be able to be set in their state timezone because there are employeers that work in different states , not including in only one country .


About this one : now many of us can use the menu in the left corner that we click on the button to forward to the destination we want to go but for more old people it is more complicated that i have seen till now , people from 13 to 35 can use the default menu that it is now 

but people from 40 to 65+ it is a little more complicated for them so an admin should have an option to set what kind of menu does he want to use TYPE 1 OR TYPE 2 

  • TYPE 1 is the default menu for now 
  • TYPE 2 the future menu as a megamenu in the header and admin can choose what an employer can have in header menu to click on 

Hello Leonard,

Thank you for your suggestion & for the time you have spent for these suggestions. Unfortunately, we have finalized the features of V 3.1 which will be releasing by the end of this month. But we will surely go through each & every point you have suggested for future release. You will get email notification, once we release V 3.1.

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