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Half Day Leave

Hi there,

Would it be possible to add Half Day Leave? Our employees are allowed these days, so in order to keep track using this system it would be necessary to allow 0.5 day to be taken.

Many thanks,

I need Help

I need help. I have made default shifts . I have defines contracts (though I am not quite sure how the work (. I have also set leave limits for employees. The problem is when I request for leave, I get a message saying how many leaves I have left but it doesn't get added to the leave request nor can i aprove or reject it. I think it's something very simple I've done wrong . Would like help. Also. I want to understand the approval module in the configuration

yest Half Day Leave also in our company

There is meant to be a new release coming. The announcement said it was going to be the first week in February, but it wasn't published and the guys had to take some holiday. I'm hoping they'll get it released soon

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