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Drag&Drop; Shift-submit and Take a shift-feature

A simple and fast way to create a service plan is the drag & drop function. Simply drag the desired employee to the desired shift. The employee is immediately assigned. Afterwards, the service plan is published and everyone can see in which layers is worked.

Submit Shifts to another employee (employee to employee)
If an employee can not perceive a shift for which he is registered, he can return it.
As long as no one has taken the shift, he remains responsible.
All available colleagues are informed by e-mail about the vacated shift and can take it over with a mouse click.
The service plan is automatically changed and the employee is notified by e-mail.

Take a shift
The admin can actively let his employees participate in the dienstplanerstellung.
By assigning the employees themselves to a shift. The admin sets the service time and the number of required employees and releases the layer for the transfer.
All available employees in the corresponding workspace are offered these services in the personal view for the takeover. With a mouse click the employee can easily take the shift.
To confirm, the administrator must publish the layer after successful transfer.

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