Initial Release

Very excited to announce new Cloud based Human Resource System "Zenepal". I am Vinay, Founder of Zenepal HRMS and its my very first release note. I welcome you all the visitor on behalf of Team Kensington Insurtech Limited.

Here is the very first version of and believe me, a lot more is on our to do list. We will keep on adding those features and will let you know as soon as it will be made public for all. 

We tried to make the things simpler and and now came with some basic features like HRM, Training, Performance, Job Recruitment, Utilities etc.

Our dedicated support panel consists of various support tools like Knowledge base, Chat Support, Forum, Ticket Support etc. Feel free to use any of these tools to get your problem solved.

We will keep posting release notes everytime a new feature is added to Zenepal. Till then, take a 14 days free-trial of the application. Good day!

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