Zenepal applications are very easy to install. Before you are going to install this application, please make sure that you have completed pre-requisites of the application. Also, keep ready purchase license & envato username with you. Follow below steps to install Zenepal application:

  1. Upload downloaded zip file from envato into the folder where you want to install the application.
  2. Extract the file in same folder.
  3. Access installation path by navigating to <your_domain>/install. Installation wizard appears if all the pre-requisites are completed.
  4. Create mysql database with strong password, assign all privilege to database user.
  5. Enter required details along with your purchase code & envato username.
  6. Click on 'install' button to complete the installation.
  7. Don't forget to set config folder & storage folder and its files writable.

If you are redirected to login page, it means you have successfully installed the application. Else you would be redirected to installation page along with the error message. In case you need any help in installation, you can raise a ticket or use the live chat feature.