If you are looking to install WM Lab application on Amazon cloud, you have to make some configuration in the server. Please follow these steps to start with the installation:

  • Click here to download check.zip file.
  • Upload this file in the root folder & extract the check.zip file.
  • Run <your_path>/check.php ; If you get all the green marks, it means you are ready to install the application. If you get a red mark, it means your server doesn't fulfill the pre-requisite. You can enable the extension as stated by the check.php file.
  • Enable mod_rewrite in your server by running following code.

sudo a2enmod rewrite


  • Copy the downloaded file from code canyon & extract.
  • Set config folder & storage folder and its files writable.
  • Run <your_path>/install to start installation

You can raise a ticket in case you have any doubts.