This is one of the most important configuration.

Field Description

Field Title
Application Name Yes Textbox/Alphanumeric Shown in the title of the page & left side bar.
Timezone Yes Dropdown Important to set timezone as application will use this timezone for clock in & clock out.
Default Currency Yes Textbox/Alphanumeric Name of the currency used in the Company ex. Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen etc
Default Currency Symbol Yes
Textbox/Symbol Symbol of the currency ex. $, €,₹ etc
Decimal Place in Currency Yes
Textbox/Numeric No of digits to be shown on Currency. ex. $10.15 (if it is set to 2)
Currency Position Yes
Dropdown Prefix ($ 10) or Suffix (10 $)
Default Language Yes
Dropdown Default language is English, You can change as defined in the dropdown box
Direction Yes
Dropdown Left to right or Right to left
Default Upload File Type Yes
Textbox File extensions allowed for upload purpose. Must be separated by comma. Don't enter executable file types or script file type.
Notification Position Yes
Dropdown Position where notification will be shown after performing any action.
Application Setup Info Yes
Radio If set to yes, application setup guide will be shown on every page. If set to no, it will be hidden from users.
Error Display Yes
Radio Should be set to 'False'. If set to 'True' detail of error will be shown (can be used for debugging)
Time Format Yes
Radio Choose the right option for your company
Date Format Yes
Choose the right option for your company

After entering proper values, click on the 'Save' button.