Employee configuration is one of the most important configuration of Employer Zone. This configuration can be located by navigating to Configuration available in the header menu -> Employee Tab. The screenshot is attached for your reference.

Below are the description of the functionalities:

Designation Level:

The Designation level defines how you can manage the employee. Lets talk about a scenario where the company hierarchy is as following:

  • Director (Default System Administrator)
    • Chief Account Officer
      • Sr Accountant
        • Jr Accountant
          • Accountant
    • Chief Development Officer
      • Team Leader
        • Sr Web Developer
          • Developer
            • Trainee
        • Sr Mobile Developer
    • Chief Recruitment Officer
      • HR Executive

By default, all the Top Designations can manage their subordinates i.e. Lower Designation employees. Here the Director who is default System Administrator can access all the designations and its employees by default. For other users the Designation level works as below:

If designation level is set to 'Yes' it means, Top Designation employee can manage all its Lower Designation employee. For example, Chief Account Officer can manage Sr Accountant as well as Jr Accountant & Accountant. But if designation level is set to 'No', it means Top Designation employee can only manage its direct lower designation i.e. Sr Accountant only. Similarly Sr Accountant can only manage Jr Accountant.

So if you want your Top Designations to be enabled to manage all other Lower Designations then set designation level to 'Yes' else set designation level to 'No'.

Location Level:

The Location level is used to define the manageability of employees of different locations. Lets assume below is the structure of location in a company.

  • Head Office (John Doe, Marry Jen)
    • Zonal Office (Robert William)
      • Regional Office (Ravi Ramsen)
        • Branch Office (Titus Ellery)

If Location level is set to 'Yes', it means employee can manage all the employees of lower locations. If it is set to 'No', it means employee can manage employees of only his location. For example, if Location level is set to 'Yes' then John Doe can manage all employee including Robert, Ravi & Titus. If the Location level is set to 'No' then John Doe can only manage Marry Jen as she is the only employee in his location.

List User with Status:

All the users with the selected status will be available in the employee list. This is important when you don't want the employees who have already left your organization in the employee lists.