Don't worry if you ever forget your password. All you have to remember your email id which you have used to register. Password reset is two step process.

Step 1: Click on the Forgot Password link available on the Login form.

A new form will be appeared requesting you to enter your registered email id. Once you enter your email id click on 'Reset Password' button. System check for existing email id. If your email id is not registered with us, it throws an error.

if it matches with the database, it sends an email with password reset link. Go to your email account & check for password reset email from Employer Zone. It might be landed on your Junk/Spam folder. If you don't find this password reset email anywhere in your email id then you can again request for new password reset email.

Please note that the link sent in your password reset email is only valid for 1 hour. If you click on the email after an hour, the link won't work. Once clicked on the password reset link, you are redirected into another form requesting you to set new password for your account.

Step 2:

Please enter your email id (required for security purpose), your new password & confirm password. Please note that new password and confirm password must be same. Password is also case sensitive. Once click on 'Reset Password' button, your password is changed and you can now login with your new password.