Employee Management is one of the most important area of Human Resources. Employer Zone has a powerful employee module to manage its record with ease. Employee menu is available at left side bar under HRM module. Based on your service plan, you can manage a limited number of employee in your Employer Zone App.

To get started with it, Click on 'HRM' link from header menu & then click on the 'Employee' Link from the left side bar. Attached image shows the list of all the employee added in your system.

Default tag in username shows that this user is added by system by-default & it cannot be deleted. The status column shows current status of the employee which is Active i.e. employee is currently working at your company.

To add a new employee, click on the 'Add New' button on the top right corner of this panel.

Field Description

Title Requirement Type Description
First Name Yes Alphabetic Enter the first name of the employee
Last Name Yes
Enter the last name of the employee
Employee Code Yes
Alphanumeric Employee code must be unique to ever employee
Designation Yes
Dropdown List of designations already added in designation module
Role Yes
List of roles already added in role form
Username Yes
Unique login name for employee
Email Yes
Email Employee's email address (Must be unique to every employee)
Password Yes
Password box Password for employees
Confirm Password Yes
Password box
Confirm password

After completion of all the field, click on the 'Save' button. Once the employee is successfully saved, its details are listed in the employee table.