As we know that generating a payroll is very tedious task. But, Employer Zone provides an easy interface to generate payrolls. You can create payrolls for any selected duration say for a month, for a week or for 10 days etc. This makes the system flexible for every company. To generate a payroll, click on the 'Payroll' option on the left side bar. One must have this permission to generate payroll, else he will get an error saying that 'You don't have permission to perform this action.' Also based on the permission of 'Manage all Employee' and 'Manage subordinate Employee', user can generate payroll of their employees.

Select date range and employee of whom you want to generate payroll. Click on the 'Get' button. If payroll is already generated for any part of the duration, system throws an error that 'Payroll already generated for this duration.' If payroll not generated for selected duration, payroll entry form is shown as below image:

You can check that salary heads defined under configuration menu are listed under two different columns:

(1) Earning Salary (2) Deduction Salary

Earning salary contains all earning salary types like Basic Salary, Dearness Allowance, Travelling Allowance and deduction salary contains Security & Provident fund column. There is another section called contribution which is used for 'Employee' and 'Employer' Contribution amount and date of contribution. You can leave it as blank if you don't want to enter these details.

A summary of attendance & employee monthly salary is available for selected range of date, that helps to calculate amount of different salary heads. Once entered required field, you can click on the 'Save' button & payroll is generated for selected duration.

In the above image you can see that a payroll from 1-Jul-2016 to 31-Jul-2016 has been generated on for an employee. All the salary heads are listed with the amounts. This can be printed or saved in the form of PDF. You can also delete the generated payroll by clicking on the 'delete' button.

A sample of generated payroll is attached here for reference.