Announcement is the act of officially informing the employees about something. It is more of a kind of notification or declaration. Employer Zone support company announcements at various levels, which can have a date range for its validity. Announcements made by the company are visible on the Dashboard.

To check announcement detail, click on the announcement title.

To publish a new announcement, employees who has the permission to 'create announcement' can go to 'Utilities' -> 'Announcement' -> 'Add New' button.

Field Description

Title Required Type Description
Title Yes Textbox Enter announcement title
From Date Yes
Date Date from which announcement will be shown on dashboard
To Date Yes
Date till which announcement will be shown on dashboard
Designation Optional Dropdown, Multiple If left blank, it will be shown to employee of all designations
else it will be shown to only selected designation
Description Yes
Multi-line Text Announcement Description

Please note that employee can only publish announcement to its subordinates.