Award is a prize or other mark of recognition given in honour of an achievement.  The user who has the permission to assign the award can click on 'Utilities' from the header menu. Award option is then displayed on the side bar menu. Click on the 'Add New' button. Clicking on the add new button, populates award entry form.

Field Description

Title Required Type Description
Employee Yes Dropdown, Multi-select Select one or more than one employee at a time
Award Type Yes
Dropdown Select award type for which award is given
Month Yes
Dropdown list of Months Month for which award is given
Year Yes
Dropdown list of Years
Year for which award is given
Date Yes
Date of award Date on which award is given
Gift Optional Textbox Details of the gift awarded
Cash Optional
Numeric Cash amount awarded as gift
Description Optional
Multi-line Textbox Description of award

If desired award type is not in the list, you can click on 'Add New' option just under 'Award Type' select box & create new award type. The user who has the permission to assign the award can only add award entry. Also note that, only subordinate employees are listed on the 'employee' dropdown list.

Award entry can be edited or deleted by clicking on the respective buttons. Deleting an award is non-reversible action.