Companies have various expenses. Employer Zone support expense management by providing easy interface to enter expense. Before entering expenses, expense head has to be defined in the configuration menu.

Go to 'Configuration' -> 'Expense Head'.

Left side box is used to add new 'Expense Head' & right hand side box is used to list all the expenses head. Please note that all every expense head should have unique name. You can have as many as expense heads you want to enter. To edit an expense head, click on the 'edit' link & to delete an expense head, click on the 'delete' button. Deleting an expense head may result in deleting all its related data.

Expense Approval Level

The expense approval level defines how the expense should be approved. There are two fields under Expense Approval form:

  1. Expense Approval Level
  2. No of Level

Lets assume below Company Hierarchy to understand this approval level:

Expense Approval Level may be of 4 types as below:

  1. Single Level - Here all the expense requested will be forwarded only to direct parent of the employee (who has requested for the expense). For example: Expense requested by Trainee will be forwarded to Jr Developer only.
  2. Multiple Level - You need to enter No of Level field for this. If you enter 2 to Number of Level then Expense requested by any employee will be forwarded to two level. For example: Expense requested by Trainee will be forwarded to Jr Developer. If Jr Developer rejects your expense it won't be propagated any more. If he approves then only it will be forwarded to Sr Web Developer. Similarly if you put 3 to Number of Level, then expense would have been forwarded to Chief Development Officer. 
  3. Last Level - Here all the expenses requested by an employee will propagate to the Last Level i.e. In above given Company Hierarchy all the expense will be forwarded till System Administrator.
  4. Designation - Here you also need to define the designation who will approve all the expenses. For example: If you define Expense Approval Designation as HR Manager, then all the expenses requested by any of the employee (regardless of their department/designation) will be forwarded to HR Manager only. HR Manager can accept/reject the expense that will be final status of the expense.