Bulk Upload Attendance feature is useful, if you are unable to Clock-In/Clock-Out in Real Time. Also if you are using any Bio Metric Machine where all your attendance is logged, then you can import all the attendance at once. Please note that you need to have permission to Upload Attendance which you can configure from Permission module available in the header menu.

You can upload 'CSV - Comma Separated Values' file in this script. The Upload Attendance menu is available in the dashboard to all the users who has the permission to upload attendance.

Below is the screenshot of the sample file that can be used to upload attendance. The order of the column is not important as you can choose the column value in the next step. But the number of column should be min/max 6 for uploading attendance. All other columns will be ignored during attendance upload.

Column A represents - Employee Code

Column B represents - Date for which attendance is Marked

Column C represents - Clock In Date 

Column D represents - Clock In Time
Column E represents - Clock Out Date
Column F represents - Clock Out Time

When a 'CSV' file is imported with this function, preview of some records of the files is shown in the next step. Also you get the option to select the columns like which column represents which values.

Once you select all the columns and then click on the upload button, values are checked & if found valid then get uploaded into the system. Please note that only valid entries are uploaded into the system. There are many cases which are checked for every entries and if the entry passes all these checks then only the entry is uploaded.

After uploading the entries, you can check the upload log which summaries the following:

  • How many records you have uploaded?
  • How many records are found valid and uploaded into the system?
  • How many records are found invalid and rejected by the system?

You can always download the Rejected entry log in 'CSV' format to check what is the reason, the system has rejected the entry. The upload log can be found in the header menu with name 'Upload Log'.