Real Time Notification is the new feature introduced in Version 3.2. This is very important for a web application used by multiple users at a same time. Lets talk about a scenario where Real Time Notification comes.

John Doe & Marry Jen are team members working on same project at same time. John adds a task in the project, but this task is notified to Marry only when she refreshes his project detail page. This may lead to issue that the same task is being added by Marry also as she is unaware that John has already added the task. 

Thanks to Laravel 5.4 and for providing an interface for this Real Time Notification. With the help of this Real Time Notification, when John adds a task to the project, the system sends a notification to Marry that John has just added a task. The notification appears in the header menu with a notification sound so that Marry immediately gets notified.

In Version 3.2 Real Time Notification is added for following modules:

  • Award
  • Announcement
  • Message
  • Ticket
  • Task
  • Daily Report
  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Expense

In the next article you will be able to configure the Notification setting.