To use Real Time Notification feature in Zenepal, you need to go to Configuration available in the header menu. Once you navigated to Configuration page, you need to go to 'Notification Tab'. The screenshot of the page is as given below:

The first option which you needs to turned on is 'Enable Notification' switch box. Once you turned it on, you will get a some more notification configuration option as shown in the above image.

To get the notification feature working, you need to have one active account. If you don't have idea about Pusher, then you can google it or visit 

If you don't have Pusher account then follow these steps:

  • Click on the Sign Up page in the
  • Enter required information or sign up with Google/Github.
  • You may need to verify your email Id once you create account.

Once you create account follow these steps:

  • Click on the 'Your Apps' tab option available in the left sidebar and then click on 'Create new app' button.
  • Name your app, select a cluster. You can choose any cluster as you want.
  • Choose jQuery as Front-end tech and Laravel as back-end tech.
  • Ignore other fields and click on the 'Create my app' button.
  • You are redirected to your App detail page where you can click on the 'Overview' tab and scroll down to Keys information. Here you will get Pusher Key, Pusher Secret, Pusher App Id & Pusher Cluster, which you needs to enter in 'Zenepal Notification Configuration'.
  • Make sure you turned on the Pusher Encrypted option.
  • That's it. You have successfully configured Notification and you are ready to go! You can also click on the 'Test Real Time Notification' link to confirm whether your notification setting is working or not.

In the right hand side of the Notification Configuration, you can see some more menu options as below:

  • Module - Here you can choose for which modules notification will work. All the modules you will select will only send Notifications on ocassions.
  • Default Notification Tone - Here you can choose tone for notification. By default 10 notification tones are available in Employer Zone which you can listen by clicking on the 'Play' icon available infront of every tone. You can choose which tone you want to use.

Once you click on the save button, you will start receiving Notifications as below.

For demo purpose, you can click on the 'Send Demo Notification' button to check whether you are receiving Real Time Notification or not. If you get notification, it means all the configuration is OK. If you don't get any notification in the header, it means the pusher details you have provided incorrect.