Lets get started. We assume that you have already signed up for trial account and received email which contains login details for your HRM system.

Above image shows sample email received when you sign up an account with Zenepal Two login details are given in this email. One is for your HRM application and another is for Zenepal, where you can order services & make payment.

Click on the first URL <your_domain>.Zenepal.com and login with given username & password. Upon successful login, you will be redirected to dashboard of the application.


Above image shows dashboard of the application. In the left side bar, menu option of selected module are shown. On the top, available modules are shown and on the right top, various option menu are listed.

Application setup Info panel helps you to configure system setting.

Here you can check that only Installation part is completed and you have to save the configuration for other options. You can simply click on each of this link and it will navigate you to that option. Click on the save button and you will get that option 'checked'.

Once you have completed all the options, you are ready to use the application.