This is the first step and basic configuration that needs to be completed after first login. This option is available under the 'Option Menu' with setting icon.

Once clicked, a page will appear with various setting options. All the options are show on the left side tab eg. General, Logo, System etc. Move ahead with the very first option i.e. 'General Setting'.

Field description

Field Title Required Type Description
Company Name Yes Alphanumeric Your Company Name
Contact Person Yes Alphabetic System Administrator Name
Email Yes Email System Administrator Email
Phone No Alphanumeric Company Contact Number
City No Alphanumeric
Name of the city where company is located
State No Alphanumeric
State where company is located
Zipcode No
Numeric Zipcode of City
Country Yes Dropdown Country where company is located
Address No
Address of Communication

Once completed, click on the save button.