Designations are the post at department that are allotted to the employees. One designation can be allotted to multiple employees. But one employee can hold only one designation. Basically, designation is a group of employees having same permission and work assigned to them. For example, an 'Account Department' can have 'Sr Account Manager', 'Jr Account Manager', 'Accountant' as its designation. Every designation in a department must have a unique name.

To add new designation, go to 'Configuration' -> 'Designation' -> 'Add New'.

Field Description

Title Required Type Description
Department Yes Dropdown Lists already added department
Top Designation Optional Dropdown
Lists already added designations
Designation Yes
Textbox Name of new designation

If a designation comes under any other designation, then do enter its top designation. If this field is left blank, then the designation will be considered as 'top most designation'. All the child designations of a designation are called its 'Subordinates' Based on this designations, company hierarchy is generated which has multiple designations in it. Below screenshot shows about the company hierarchy:

Here 'Administrator' is Top Most Designation and all others are its child designation i.e. 'Subordinates'. In the next level, 'Sr Account Officer' is top designation of 'Accountant' & 'Accountant' is subordinate of 'Sr Account Officer'.

Similarly, 'HR Manager' is top designation for 'HR Officer' & 'HR Executive', while both are subordinates of 'HR Manager'.

This image shows all the Designations of the company. As mentioned before, first column contains option button for editing & deleting an entry, which is accessible only if current user has the permission to perform that action.

Further, designation, name of its department & its top designation are listed in the table. Entry which doesn't have top designation in it, is considered as 'Top Most Designation'.