Custom fields are extra fields that can be added by users themselves in any form. Sometimes, more fields are required in a form, which can be added by using this custom field module. Please note that custom fields are only available in some of the forms. You can navigate to 'Configuration’ -> 'Custom Field’ in the header menu. Below is the image of custom field page:

Field Description

Title Required Type Description
Form Yes Dropdown Name of forms available for custom fields
Field Type Yes
Dropdown Type of fields that can be added as custom fields
Field Title Yes
Textbox Name/Title of the Field
Field Value Required if field type is dropdown, radio or checkbox Multiline Text Box Values required for Field Type
Required Optional Checkbox If checked, field will be required else it will be optional

All the custom fields are listed in the table. A custom field cannot be edited; it can only be deleted. Above image shows that a custom field named 'Alternate email' is added in the 'Employee Form' which is 'email' type in nature & it is made mandatory.