If you add any employee, you can store more information related to that employee. To add it, click on the show button on the employee list table. 

Attached image shows details of employee. Various options are listed on the left side bar menu. Lets going through each one by one:

Basic Detail

This form contains basic information of an employee. Below is form field description:

First NameYesAlphabeticEnter the first name of the employee
Last NameYes
AlphabeticEnter the last name of the employee
DropdownList of designations already added in designation module
DropdownList of roles are already added in the role form
DropdownChoose gender of the employee
Marital StatusYes
DropdownChoose employee's marital status
Employee CodeYes
AlphanumericEmployee code must be unique to ever employee
Enter the Employee's email address (Must be unique to every employee)
Contact NumberOptionalAlphanumericContact number of an Employee
Date of BirthOptional
DateDate of Birth of an Employee
Date of JoiningOptional
DateDate of Joining of an Employee
Date of LeavingOptional
DateDate of Leaving of an Employee

  • Date of Joining must be greater than date of birth & date of leaving must be greater than date of joining.
  • If date of leaving is entered and current date is greater than date of leaving, then employee status is changed to 'In-active'.

Profile Picture:

Choose any image file to upload it as your profile photo. Please don't upload large files as system may reject your file. If you want to remove your profile photo, simply check the option 'Remove Profile Photo' and save. Once profile photo is updated, it is reflected all over the application.


This form is used to add contacts to your employee. Contacts may be marked as 'Dependent' & 'Primary Contact'. To edit the contact detail, click on the 'edit' link & to delete a contact, click on the 'delete' button.

Social Networking:

To get more information from employee, you can enter employee's social networking information in this form. It includes Facebook Profile, twitter Profile etc. You can also add more fields by using custom fields.


Employee's document is also one of important feature of this application. You can use all kinds of employee documents to get everything online. Following are the fields available in this form:

Document TypeYesDropdown lists from Document Type optionsDocuments type added from configuration listed here.
Document TitleYes
TextboxName the document
File Open DialogSelect file to upload. Please check which file types are allowed to upload.
DateDate of validity of the document
DescriptionOptionalMulti-line TextboxEnter description if required

Please note that you have limited storage for uploading these documents. If you cross your storage limit, you many not be able to upload any more.

Bank Account:

Employer can manage employee's bank account over here. Multiple bank accounts can be managed. Attached image shows option to manage bank accounts.

Field Description:

Primary AccountOptionalCheckboxIf marked as 'check', account will be treated as primary account.
Account NameYesAlphabeticAccount name of an employee
Account NumberYes
NumericAccount number of an employee
Bank NameOptional
AlphabeticName of the bank where account exists
Branch NameYes
Name of the branch where account exists
Bank CodeOptional
AlphanumericUnique code of the Bank, can be SWIFT code or IFSC code

To edit bank account details, click on the 'edit' link & to delete bank account detail, click on the 'delete' button.

Employee Contract:

Once contract type is defined under configuration, employee can be linked with contracts. This contract is related with employee's leave & salary.

Attached image shows form to add new contract with the employee and listing all the contracts of the employee.

Field Description:

Contract TypeYesDropdown populated with contract type listed in configurationType of contract, you can also add contract type by clicking on 'Add New' link just below the contract type.
Contract TitleYes
TextboxTitle of contract
From DateYes
DateStart date of contract
To DateYes
DateEnd date of contract
Dropdown populated with already added designations
Employee designation during that contract
DescriptionOptionalDetails of the contractMore description

  • Contract period cannot overlap with each other. i.e. two contracts cannot share similar dates.


Once employee contract is defined, salary of the employee can be recorded. Also different salary heads are required to be defined. Click on the 'Salary' tab on the employee's detail page.

Attached image shows the form to add new salary & lists the already added salary of the selected employees. You can check that salary form requires 'Employee Contract' i.e. on which contract the salary has to be defined. This feature is helpful during promotion, demotion of the employee as employee salary can be defined for different contract terms.


Once employee contract is defined, leave can be allotted to the employees. Also different leave types are required to be defined. Click on the 'Leave' tab on the employee detail page.

Attached image shows form to allot leaves & lists the already allotted leaves of the selected employees. You can check that leave form requires '
Employee Contract' i.e. on which contract leave has to be defined.

Office Shift:

To use this feature, office shift is required to define under configuration. Once office shift is defined, employees can be allotted with these office shifts.

Attached image shows that two different office shifts are allotted to the employee. First shift is applicable from 1 Jul 16 to 10 Jul 16 & Second shift is applicable from 11 Jul 16 to 31 Jul 16. Zenepal provides facilities to add multiple office shifts. Please note that dates cannot overlap for two different office shift.

Change Password:

This feature enables employees to change their subordinates password forcefully. Employee cannot change their password by this form. This is useful when one of your employee forgets his password and unable to access his account.

Employee has to enter new password twice and click on the save button to change the password.