This is one of the most important feature of Zenepal. Employees of the company can mark their attendance in Zenepal App with few clicks. This option can only be used if Office Shift is defined under configuration tab. Below are some terms definition which we will be using throughout this module:

  • Clock In: Marking in-time/entry in the office is called clock in.
  • Cloud Out: Marking out-time/exit in the office is called clock out.
  • Office Shift: Time duration of work set for the employees.
  • Default Office Shift: Zenepal supports multiple office shift in which one of the office shift has to be marked as default. Default office shift will be used when employee's are not allotted any office shift.
  • Overnight Shift: When clock-out time falls on next date, then it is called overnight shift. For ex. if entry time is 10:00pm & exit time is 8:00pm (on next date) then this shift is called overtime.

Please note that list of employee dropdown is populated based on permission. If 'Manage all Employee' permission is assigned, attendance can be updated/shown for all the employees. If 'Manage subordinate Employee' permission is given, then attendance can be updated/shown only for subordinate employee. If none of the permission is given, then employee can only mark/check his own records only.

Zenepal supports Multiple Office Shifts as well as Multiple Clock-In & Clock-Out. Due to this, system is very flexible and can be used by any type of industries.

Zenepal also supports automatic clock-in & clock-out feature. To enable this feature, go to 'Configuration' -> 'Authentication' option & choose 'Yes' and save the configuration:

When this option is enabled, employees will be marked 'clock-in' when they login into the system & marked 'clock-out' when they logout from the system. If this feature is disabled, employees can click on 'Clock In' and 'Clock Out' buttons available on the dashboard.

Clocking In & Out from Dashboard

This option is available in Dashboard which can be used by every employee to mark entry & exit time of their work. It also shows office time of the current date and list of all the clock-in & clock-out that they have already made on that date. Employees can click on 'Clock In' button to mark their entry time. System takes current time as the entry time. During exit, employee can click on 'Clock Out' button to mark their exit time. Again system takes current time as the exit time. Multiple clock-in & clock-out makes the system very flexible. Lets take an example:

An employee has allotted working hours from 9am to 5pm. He comes at 8:55am and clicks on 'clock-in' button to mark his attendance. He takes rest at 11:30am by clicking on 'clock-out' button. After 20 minute rest, he comes back and again clicks on 'clock-in' button at 11:50am. Then he goes for lunch at 1:45pm (clock-out) and comes back at 2:15pm (clock-in). He takes another rest, this time for tea. He goes at 3:13pm (clock-in) and comes back at 3:27pm (clock-out). He works till 5:18pm and finally clicks on 'clock-out' button.

Based on above clock-in & clock-out,Zenepal calculates total working hours, late coming, early leaving, total rest, overtime, attendance status and shows it in different types of reports. Let go through attendance reports:

Daily Attendance:

Any employee can see daily attendance of his subordinates by going through this report. Date of which daily attendance is required can be set on the top and once clicked on 'Get' button, system displays the attendance of the subordinates for that day. It also summarizes attendance status on the top right side panel. The report consists of in-time, out-time, late coming, early leaving, overtime, total work, total reset column with attendance status.

Monthly Attendance:



This report shows month-wise attendance of selected employee. It takes month, year & employee to fetch all the attendance of selected month, year for selected employees. This can be very useful to generate payroll during a month.

Summary Monthly Attendance:

This report shows monthly attendance for all the employees/subordinates with late coming, early leaving, overtime, total work & total rest column.