There are many types of leaves or time off work to which you may be entitled. These include annual leave, public holidays, sick leave, maternity leave, adoptive leave, carer’s leave and parental leave. Leave types differs from companies to companies and can also vary from employees to employees. For ex.: a company may offer casual leave, medical leave to an employee and offers only casual leave to other employees.

Zenepal provides facility to add different leave types to different employees. Before entitled leave, leave type must be defined in the system.

Attached image shows a form which is used to add leave types and table which lists the already added leave types. Every leave type must have a unique name. To edit a leave type, click on the 'edit' link of respective leave type and to delete a leave type, click on the 'delete' button of that leave type. Please note that deleting a leave type will delete all data related to that leave type.

These leave types are used when companies entitle leave to their employee. You can go to employee module, select an employee and click on the leave tab to get more information about employee's leave.