Zenepal provides simple interface to send message to other employee. Messages can be sent directly from 'Dashboard' by 'Quick Message' option and can be sent from 'Message' menu on the left side bar.

Attached image shows 'Quick Message' option available on the 'Dashboard'

Quick message option doesn't provide facility to upload any attachment. Select recipients, enter a message subject and message body & then click on send button.

If you want to send any attachment, you can go to 'Message' -> 'Compose' menu. 

Field Description:

RecipientsYesDropdownSelect employee to whom you want to send the message.
SubjectYesTextboxEnter a subject line of the message.
Rich Text Editor (HTML Textbox)Enter message 'scontent.
File Upload DialogIf required, you can attach files (File extensions which are allowed to upload)

Once clicked on send button, Message goes to recipients 'Inbox' & also a copy is stored in senders 'Sent' folder.

Above image shows that one message is sent by an employee with a Subject 'Welcome to Zenepal' on 8th Jul 16. The paper clip icon on the right column shows that there is some attachment. You can click on the message detail icon to check its detail:

Attachment can be downloaded by clicking on the download link. The message can be deleted by clicking on 'Trash' button.