Currently, Xostr API provides facility to clock-in & clock-out without login in the system. With the help of this API, you can integrate Xostr with other applications, bio-metric system etc. To get started with Xostr API, one must have sound technical knowledge of some scripting language.

Currency, Xostr API is included with 'Advanced' plan which is full fledged plan including all the features. You have a working license of Xostr Advanced Plan. If you don't have 'Advanced' plan, you can go to and get license of 'Advanced' plan within few minutes.

If you already have 'Advanced' plan, then go to 'Configuration' -> 'API' tab. If you are visiting this 'API' tab first time, click on the 'Generate Token' button. It will generate a unique token for your account, which authenticates your API to Xostr App. You can always change your API Token, but all you have to do is to change the Auth Token everywhere in your application.

Xostr API requires to authenticate every time you send an API request. Therefore, this API Token is required to send with API request. 

Please note that you should not share your API Token with anyone. Anyone who have access to this API Token can perform all the actions available with API.